It’s raining awards!

I take that as a sign that I might be doing something good! The last few days I had 3 surprises:

Another Versatile Blogger Award from Acorn in the Kitchen, a very cool and colorful food- blog, check it out!

and one from Keeping Pace, a beautiful and poetic blog, be inspired! She said something very true today:

Maybe the true purpose of these awards is not only to recognize dedicated efforts, but for us to encourage each other to keep it going.

Thank you very much both of you!

One can never have enough awards, so I also got another Very Inspiring Blogger award from one of my favourite blogs My Own Avalon. Wow, I’m really happy, I like awards, maybe one day I’ll get an Oscar;-) Thank you!!


I’m very honured and grateful, this blog is a part of my soul, so thank you all three for awarding me! I want to keep the flow, so

this time I will give both awards to 7 really cool bloggers, if I did it before, just see this as a sign of greatness:

Please, even if you had one before, just share the joy in any way you feel like:-)

Thank you, and here are the rules:

1.Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Pass the award to 7 nominees