Light beats dark!

I just finished watching “Veronika decides to die”, a movie from Paulo Coelho’s book with the same name.

It made me remember the darkness that I once visited, it made me feel the pain I once felt. But most of all it made me thankful that I chose the light. Many of us walk around filled with light but also with a touch of melancholy or darkness inside of us. It’s not always easy to make them fit in the same body. I’m glad I chose the light, it’s so much nicer than feeling sorry for myself, it’s a lot better than pain. But for some reason I’m really happy I went to the dark, how else will I understand people with pain, how else will I understand to be careful when the dark whispers, come and visit, just for a minute… NO, I say, I’m more comfortable in the light. I love it here, it’s where I belong.

The interesting thing said in the movie is something along the lines that so many people let fear control their lives, and it kind of makes it ok as long it’s the majority. Most people don’t follow their dreams because they let fear decide. Interesting huh? I love my life, and I’m tired of having pain, fear and other crappy things visit, I close the door to them and open a new door, how about you, are you coming?