The power within

I’m sure I was a witch in a past life, and who knows maybe it was easier just having a profession, owning the power, even though I’m not really a fan of the burning at the stake part.

In this life inbetween choosing carrier and trying to find my self I never felt like ticking any of the obvious boxes. So I’m searching and looking. Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was the healing power of breathing. Because I believe in the power of healing, and it starts with remembering to breathe all the way down in the stomach. I’ve heard it before, and probably so have you.

We call “healing” many names; Good vibes, warm hands, positive attitude and so on. For me it’s being able to take a headache away with just breathing it away. It’s very hard when your head is the source of all pain to think long enough to be able to relax and breathe. I’ve struggled for years with migraine, headaches, pain in my shoulders. and it all comes down to one thing: Taking care of myself and breathing all the way.. down…to ….the…stomach…

Funny thing is that the moments I take myself seriously enough to breathe all the way down,  it seems like it clicks the button; I can heal myself. As so many of us can, if we just know how. My journey continues, who knows what I’ll be able to do in the future. I’m actually getting the hang of it!

I’ll sprinkle a little trust in myself, a little magic from within, a deep breath, and shake it, let’s see what comes out!

I want to mention two amazing women I’ve learned a lot from:

Louise L. Hay, I read her first book when I was 16, it changed my life.
Judith Orloff, I’m following her Positive Energy on my iPad now!