Big dreamer?

I’ve been reading a lot of good blogs lately. That’s made me think about my life in a different way. One of them is Currie Rose  which lead me to Jaqueline with her 6 months to live blog.  She say’s that even if she’s perfectly healthy, this is just an experiment. She made me think about what I’d want to do with 6 months, how I would live them. And you know what, before it would be traveling and exploring the world. But something’s changed, I guess there’s a time for everything.

I found myself just wishing my dream house was ready for me and my love (and the cats) to live in, to have my studio where I can explode my art and be creative. Ok, so that might take more than 6 months to get ready, probably, even if I am a big dreamer.

We currently live in an appartement, and before that I’ve always moved and travelled a lot. It’s not ours to do exactly what we want with, or even my chosen furniture. Then there’s the thing about not having a garden. I hear the birds sing here, I see the sun and the sky, thank god! But I want more. Isn’t that what dreams are for?

Maybe I’m not going on a hiking trip in a far away land with my 6 months, but I love the idea that I can do what I want. 6 months seems so much closer and easier than the rest of my life. I’m very grateful that I found this blog. It pushed me to dream again, and my dream is to have a home, a fundament for my life and my art. Something that’s not so temporary. An extension of my soul if you wish. A place to play.

So, I’m starting where it all starts; in my mind, with my thoughts and words. Wish me luck!

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