Ready when it’s ready…

A cup of coffee and some pancakes and all is right with the world. Or is it enough? Sometimes I don’t know if I’d rather live in my dreams than in reality. But I’ll tell you this; sometimes they touch so close that I’m thinking, ok maybe it’s not so bad, reality that is. Other times I think the best idea is to go back to bed and start the day over again. Today is one of those days in the middle, don’t know yet. Anything can tip the scale. After the pancakes I was happy, then I started thinking about something, and now I’m thinking I should go back to bed.

What I know for sure after living with myself for so many years is that my head tend to run far far into the future with dreams, and my body gets left behind. Disconnected I guess you can call it. Other times something else happens that puzzle me. I’m working on a project, and wanting to do it, but I can’t. It’s like I have to wait untill the drawings or whatever it is to be ready inside of me before I can create them. Anybody knows what I’m taking about? I would love your view on it.

I’ve already finished most of my current children’s book project, but the main octopus is being stubborn, he needs time to be created. I guess that’s what I’ll give him…It’s back to bed!

But honestly I feel better already! Maybe it helps to share, who knows, perhaps there’s more people out there with similar thoughts, so share them with me!

My main character for my new children's book is shy and so not ready, but if you click you'll see some of his friends who live in the "real" world...