I can fly

I’m so utterly naive and gullible that I actually believe that I CAN fly!

Now I’ll tell you why;

When I was a kid, I had this dream almost every night for years; that I could fly. It started out when I was walking next to someone on the street. When they were not looking I would flap my arms and fly as high as the street lights along the road. Just before they turned, I was down again, acting normal. I had a secret. It got bigger. Even today I dream that I lift my arms and fly or float over large pieces of land or forest, always when no one is watching. I just fly.  It is so real, that I can feel it.

I’m sure a dream therapist would have a field day with these dreams I’m having.  But I just know that one day I will fly!

This is a handpainting from my collection of Magical Dreamy Animals.