Right on track

This is a poem by a very inspiering writer Steve O’Brien that’s been so kind as to write a poem for my painting:


This picture
I see
The one
For me
It is a work
Of art from you
Now, it’s clear
It’s what you do
You take a moment
A glimpse of time
You start to paint
You say, “It’s mine”
With each color
And each pass
Your brush, your hands
Whip & Lash
I see you now
I see you blend
I see your art
Will never end
And when you’re done
And you step back
Your look on life
Is right on track
Poem; Copyright Steve O’Brien, all rights reserved.
He says he was at the same time inspired by my post Instant satisfaction! and the conversations and comments around that today…
Thank you for the beautiful poem!