Inspired by a rainbow

Inspired by the rainbow, I imagine all the colors of a rainbow like this:

I’m red and angry

I’m orange and feel like a change

I’m yellow and full of hope

I’m blue and very sad

I’m green and envious

I’m indigo and about to go crazy

I’m violet and floating on a cloud of inspiration

I love to imagine things, and I think if I didn’t allow all my emotions to have a say, I’d truly go insane. I’m grateful for all of you out there that comment on my blog and give me your insight and inspiration. We do need each other to see the world, and perhaps even make it better…

These thoughts are inspired by a comment made by REGENERATRIX to my blog about  When magic is needed“.

My point is that maybe all the emotions of the rainbow let’s me do illustrations like this:

Giraffe Parade