When magic is needed

Magic is needed when you are unhappy, sad and feel alone. That is the time when it’s hardest to believe in miracles, good stuff or just something positive. You see, when we’re happy, it’s easy to see the good stuff, it’s easy to believe that things will change. Maybe it doesn’t even matter, because we’re happy the way things are.

Now, when things suck and you are sick or unhappy, it’s hard to believe that things will ever change. When you have no money or no energy, it’s hard to see the silver lining. But that is when you need it the most. That is when you need to believe. That’s when you need to trust in a purpose. I’ve always been told I’m melancholic and oversensitive, aswell as energetic and positive. That’s a bit of a strange mix, isn’t it? Well, maybe the point is that we have to embrace all our sides, not just the polished happy one. Like the seasons of the year there are times when things are dark and grey, and times where things blossom and grow. Maybe that’s just the way it is. Maybe we’d be happier if we just accepted the melancholy and desperation with a bowl of ice cream, and just wait for the next day to come.

But I’m not like that, never have been. I wallow in my despair, I eat chocolate and cry, and I get depressed and sad. But then I come out of it and feel like a new person, or somebody helps me out of it. You see, we are the way we are. Isn’t that kind of amazing, how different we are? That’s why some of us are artists and feel every bit of our emotions and translate them to art, not working 8 to 5, and some people work 8 to 5, and keep the world going by being the other side of the balance; calm and rational. Talking sense in to us when we take it to far to the dark side. Like we would do the opposite when you are unsure of yourself and think the word is being hard on you, that’s when I come in to make you believe in magic and miracles, and maybe paint you a painting of something impossible to stretch your imagination. That’s why we need each other! Nobody can be it all, all the time. Least of all me.