A dream come true?

One day I get an offer that could be a dream come true; I’m offered a possibility to work for a large interior design firm in Portugal! Could this be it?

Sometimes it’s hard to see yourself from the outside. But after five minutes into the interview I see myself clearly. I’m not sold. I’m overqualified. When somebody is telling you that they want your expertise, but are not willing to pay you untill you get what they want, a very loud bell is ringing in my head. So loud I’m laughing.

Basically they want me to find million dollar property owners in Algarve who wants interior design done (this is an interior design company who has factories, architects, the whole package). But they are new to Algarve, so they want me to smell the rich people. Then after I find them, I can do the design, BUT I will be holding hands with the design-boss with over 20years-of-experience till I get the company “spirit”. With other words; what they need me to be a dog, who only gets 3-5 present of any deal IF the deal is done, then I get to close my eyes and not be creative at all, because the ladyboss will do that for me. This can take weeks, or months, and I will have no time for other activities. I know the country is in crisis, but this is just ridiculous!

So, I think not.

Anyway, it felt nice to be overqualified! Now I’m going back to my own dreams and my own life, at least I get to be creative working for myself! With nobody holding my hand.

Look out! You never know what will boost your self confidence or make you laugh!