The struggle to stay sane.

The struggle to stay sane, when working at  home….(or just being me)

You know you’re a perfectionist when you’ve heated up your tea 3 times because you just had to clean up the mess in the hallway that you only noticed because you were on your way to the bedroom to get something that you forgot because you just had to do the bed, even if no one can see it. Then, on the way back to the livingroom you remember why you went to the bedroom in the first place, but on the way you find out that you need to fold the clothes from yesterday. Then finally you heat up the tea again and sit down only to realize that there’s wet clothes in the washing machine.

You know you should wait. You know that it can wait. But you go anyway, and on the way you see that the plants need water. You go to the kitchen, forget why and start cleaning the dishes instead.
In the end the tea is medium hot and you’re hungry. Back to the kitchen, where you finally remember what you needed in the bedroom.

Note; This all happened during “a little tiny break” during one normal day in a brilliant-working-at-home-designer-artist-perfectionist’s life.

Then you think to yourself;

Tomorrow I will only do what I’m suppose to do, be creative and brilliant, working on my project and leave the dishes alone to rot… (Right!)

I can only imagine that I’m not the only one…or am I? Anyone…?

At the end of the day you wish you had a pill to stay sane…