What I’m not

What am I? Do I have to be either or? I’ll tell you what I’m not: However much I love the sunrise when for some unexplainable reason I’m up to see it, I’m not a morning-person. Will probably never be. I have seen my fair share of too early mornings when trying to fit in to a box. Past tense. Neither am I always a happy person. I just make sure no one sees me when I’m not so happy. I hide under the bed. I’m pretty sure I’m not made for cleaning my house, however much I love it when it’s clean.

I do know I’m not always happy, forgiving, loving or caring. But I can be and want to be. I know for sure I have the ability to change. That is why I cannot tell you what I am. Because today I am happy and forgiving and extremely creative. Tomorrow I might be neither. The other day I was seriously pissed at the world. Today I’m not.

Sometimes I want to define myself, sometimes others want to define me. Maybe tomorrow I let you. Maybe not.