Is inspiration bullshit?

Design and creativity. Is it hard work or just inspiration? A teacher I had in interior architecture told me that waiting for inspiration was bullshit, that it didn’t just “come to you”. Well, I don’t care what he says, inspiration comes to me at certain times, and so far I haven’t figured out how to choose what time. Also worth mentioning that some teacher doesn’t exactly inspire you to do it your way, but their way.

Even though I need some structure to create a design, I also need freedom for my mind to wander, for my intuition to take part of the decision. Yes, it’s important to think about all the practical things in a design, but sometimes you just gotta let go and float with the creativity, not make up problems to solve. Imagine if we just focused on following our intuition just a little bit more, who knows, maybe even a boring office job would be inspired? When I studied interior architecture, I found the most meaningful moments to be at a coffee shop talking to a friend or just looking at people, with a sketchbook or napkin in front of me. That’s why inspiration can’t be set between 8-4, at least not to me!

For me, I float when I trust my intuition, but sometimes I forget. I think too much about the details of a design, which at one point is necessary, sure. But sometimes just looking up at the sky is more important. Empty the human structured brain, the linear mind, and allow creativity and playfulness to take its turn, to just let it flow!

Bullshit or not, inspiration comes when it comes, and when it’s there, you know it.

All rights reserved, Anne Onsøien