Are you happy?

What do I need from the shop? That’s what I always asked myself when I lived in London. We get thousands of impulses every day from advertisements, especially in a city, that I think we get a bit brainwashed. Living in Algarve, I go out every morning thinking how’s the weather. I don’t have to buy something every day. It might be a small thing, because of course I love shopping. But, honestly it’s relaxing that most portuguese don’t have to have a new kitchen and a renovated house (yet…). If they don’t have money to buy a new table, they keep the old one. Just put some chorizo and cheese on the table, and they’re happy.

In Norway we spend a lot of money and time on renovating our houses, which is nice because it looks good and feels nice. All I’m asking is at what point are we happy, and do we know when to stop?

In a show I saw on Oprah they talked about the fact that there’s a limit to how much money you can make and how happy it makes you. If you make a certain amount, it’s time to stop and do happy things instead of making more money. Is it true? Who knows, but I know for a fact that when I’m sitting on the beach or the mountain any sunny day with my love and a picnic basket, it doesn’t matter how expensive the basket is or how much our car cost. The only thing that matters is how good the food is. Being norwegian I know that food always taste better when you’re outdoors in the nature.

The good thing is that so far the nature is free.

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