Hot in Algarve

A fireplace in Algarve? Are you insane? Yes and yes. Apart from talking to my cats and myself, I have finally come to terms with being insane. However a fireplace is not as crazy as it sounds. Yes we have warm winters here compared to the cold north where I was born. Norway can be freezing, outside. Portugal can be freezing, inside. You heard me, it can be cold here too. Minus degrees no, but it’s a cold that creeps under your skin and makes your clothes feel like they never dry.

Like my cats I like comfort. So my hopes and dreams lie in the wooden fire this winter. It’s going to make me so comfortable and warm. Last year we couldn’t get the temperature more than 17 degrees inside even with heaters. This year you’ll find me, my cats and a blanket in front of the fireplace waiting for the bikini-season with a cup of hot chocolate.