Just pull the plug!

Everybody knows I have no sense of direction. Also that I’m not very technical. At least I thought so. Since yesterday the screen on my computer has been what you can call “blurry”. No, I didn’t drink anything. Neither did I jump up and down. Since then I’ve become some sort of expert in computers. Somebody has been pressing the buttons on the computer, could have been the cats. I’ve been reading online, trying to search and press on the resolution buttons and so on. It just made it worse.

I swear, I scream, I go mad. Then when I have a moment to breathe while the computer is looking stupidly back at me, I get this brilliant idea, just pull the damn plug. So I do. I pull the plug between the annoying laptop and my new shiny LED screen. Then the miracle happens, when I put the plug back, suddenly it’s all back to the way it was. No more fussy screen. Seriously. I think I might get a job as a technician. I’m just gonna pull the plugs. Sure, it works. Imagine the easy money and the happy customers!