Instant satisfaction!

I want it all. No time for baby steps or one thing at the time. I want a new house, new clothes and an instant successful career! I know what you’re gonna say; the journey is part of the goal and jadajada jada, just like I would say to you.

So is it just me who want it all? Is it something in the air, is it because we are online 24-7 and expect perfection? I don’t know. Most of the time I get down on the ground again and realize that it is about the journey, smelling the coffee and the flowers along the way.

But is it so strange that I want it all, when I see programs where people change their house in one day, change their apperance in a few days? Today we can almost fix or buy anything in an instant, or so it seems. With a click you can buy anything online, just use a creditcard and pay later.

So why do I have to wait to get what I want? Or maybe the question is will I be happy when I get it all, or will the list just be longer?