Even though we have more friends on facebook than we would invite for coffee, and we are online on our computers, tablets, ipads, iphones or other mobile devices, I get the strange feeling we are more disconnected than ever.

I have to admit, that sometimes I prefer to send a message rather than pick up the phone. The problem is that it can often lead to misunderstandings. We are not on the same page, or the same conversation for that matter. You can ask a question on facebook and get the answer or comment hours later, and the meaning might have changed.

So we are extremely developed, information is a click away, but it seems impossible to me to be connected all the time. Why do young people get sick and worn out? Isn’t that meant to happen when you retire and get a goldwatch?

I think the reason might be closer to us than we think. The connection to ourselves. Or disconnetion? How do we recharge ourselves if we’re logged on 24-7?