Made in Norway

Even though I’ve lived in the “there’s always tomorrow-Portugal” for 3 years, The moment I land in Norway I click on the “things should be done yesterday-button” that most of us norwegians are born with. I immediatly think that if I don’t plan, it will not happen. In Portugal it seems if you plan too much it takes even longer, that is if it happens at all.

I could try to live as if tomorrow didn’t matter while I’m here in Norway for a week, like they do in Portugal. Only then I would’t meet anyone until I’m not here anymore, which is not good for business.

So the plan is to be like a Norwegian while I’m here for my Magical Dreamy Animals- exhibition to make the most out of my trip, and to switch off the battery again when I’m back in the sun to not run around like a duracell bunny while others relax.

There’s always tomorrow.