Kitchen refill!

I love the idea of my kitchen filling itself with food, not having to go to the supermarket, just sit in the sofa with open arms and let it happen. No fuss.

That’s exactly what happened a few days ago. House full of family from Norway, sun shining, cats purring, no stress. Then comes the hurricane mother-in-law from the north with bags and bags of goodies, within 5 minutes the kitchen was transformed from a rather minimalistic kitchen to a cave of food. Chorizo’s hanging everywhere, 14 homemade jams, bottles of homemade wine, 5 liters of olive oil, homemade of course, bread, cheese, fruit and vegetables fresh from the farm.

All I can think is; 15 peppers? Luxury problem, I know.

So that’s how you fill up the kitchen without shopping: Get a portuguese mother-in-law!