Don´t tell the grumpy people!

We have so many choices today. Is it too many? When I decided to move to Portugal 3 years ago, rather unplanned, it was partly because I thought it´s now or never. Why wait? That did go pretty well I must say, but oh my goodness how many people thought I was insane (spik spenna gal in norwegian). However, it´s never quite enough, now I want more, more of the world, more dreams. It´s not just enough to have reached my dream of living here. And I guess I get pretty cocky and self-confident because I´ve tried it before. I want more. I suppose it might be like gambling, you can´t stop in time. Just one more time…

Now I don´t always tell people what my dreams are, because they ask how are you going to do it, and when and why and HOW… No idea, just like last time…I choose the right people to tell, the ones that encourage me to go for it, to get the best out of life.

Why do we need more? I sometimes wish I was a fisherman (woman) on the cost of somewhere tropical who was just content with life and eating papaya every day, or mango, I don´t know. (Oh and fresh fish every day)… Or maybe living in a tropical jungle with my tribe. But, you see, whatever I do, I always want challenges and new dreams. How about you?

I have a friend who is on extended sick leave, she has an illness that makes it impossible for her to work. She needs to follow the norwegian rules and the system, of course. One day she was in a meeting with a person in the social security system that was trying to establish what to do with her. Should the system rehabilitate/disable her or what to do? My friend happened to mention that she was healthier after a stay in Portugal. The woman said; well, it´s not in our interest to provide you with a better life quality!

There you go, if you want anything like a better life quality, trust yourself and don´t listen to the grumpy people!