Reaching for the sky

Reaching for the sky is one of my goals, and it starts with this exhibition. Where am I going from here? Don´t know, but it´s been a high learning curve to finish 24 paintings in just under 2 months. Let´s just say the house is not spotless. But who cares? (The perfectionist in me has kicked my ass enough now.) Anyway, I´ve learned a lot about determination and faith.

I spent a lot of my energy worrying about what if this doesn´t go like this and this. But now I´ve realized it´s not just about this exhibition, it´s about believing in myself, and pushing myself and my imagination. It doesn´t make sense to create animals that can eat the clouds if you don´t think you can reach them yourself, right?

So, come one world… give me more to dream about.

Just let me rest for a few days first… on the beach….please.