Hot Deadline

Sometimes I feel like just moving to a tropical island, living in a bungalow, just getting away. The thing is, I live in paradise. Beaches, sun and cocktails. When you are on holiday, it´s nice that it´s hot. When you have 2 weeks left till a big exhibition, not so much fun with 35 degrees or more. My head is spinning, I´m sure it would be so much better if I could meditate and fly on the same could as my elephants and giraffes do!

But I have to prepare posters, price lists, invite people, worry a little bit about everything even if there´s no point, think about new clever ways of getting energy when there is none. In the meantime the surroundings are suffering, everything that gets lifted up in the house and put down stays till someone falls over it.

Yes, I know: thinking about how fed up I am is a brilliant idea when I have a deadline to make. Most clever people would surely wait till afterwards thinking about the rest of their life, wait till after the exhibition, when they could exhale and relax. Me, I´m thinking about my next exhibition in october, and then I´m wondering where all this is going. Wouldn´t it be smarter to enjoy it? Yes, it would.

When I become that clever person, I´ll let you know!

In the mean time, some of my paintings are actually done: This is an elephant in a bathtub, or as my nephew says: He is sitting in a nutshell!