Soul on the wall

Is it fun to have an exhibition? It´s exciting yes, but it´s mostly about planning. I´m planning two exhibitions now, one in the end of august, one in oktober. Painting is not the hardest part, it´s to stop thinking about everything else. As some of you know, when you have a deadline, most of the work is done the night before. I really hope that´s not the case this time!

The hardest part is actually being there after all the paintings are there, hanging on the wall. That´s when I want to go home and not talk to anyone, just relax and watch a stupid movie. That´s when I have to smile and talk and recieve the opinions of people who can se my soul on the wall.  Yes, I´m grateful for the opportunity, I love sharing my paintings with the world, hoping that I can spread some love and make people laugh. But being there myself is the hardest part.

The one in august is in a bar called Ginkgo, I think it will be a really nice one, if all my Magical Dreamy animals hurry up:-)

I will inform you all about the date, which is around 20th of august when I know myself… (this is Portugal) In october I will have an exhibition in Oslo, the Yooniverse Studio!