The secret scrap found in handbags…

Creativity doesn´t always come when I want it to, it comes in the middle of the night or while watching TV. It also comes when I´m waiting and have nothing to do, like yesterday. I was sitting at a coffee shop waiting for an appointment, and 10 am here in Portugal can suddenly turn into 11 am. So I scribbled all the napkins on my table  full of elephants and flying giraffes doing funky stuff.

The thing that amazes me is that I still can´t get used to doing my designs in nice sketchbooks, and that I should have one in my bag, one at the nightstand and one with me at all times. But no, instead I write and draw on the back of receipts, napkins and in the corner of newspapers.

I guess it´s not just me. One of my friends used to say that the concept of clean sketchbooks scared her, and blocked the creativity. She also preferred off-white paper instead of white, I agree, it´s not so scary. I mean, what if you mess up the first page in your new sketchbook, it´s with you forever!

Now and again I find scraps of old paper or napkins with great ideas in handbags I havent´used in a while. It kickstart my creativity again. I even found the beginning of a book on a napkin, all four sides… one day I will write a book from all my bag-left-overs!