I´m getting younger AND smarter!

Sometimes when people say things like “oh well, you´re not getting any younger!…” there´s this cheeky part of me (which is quite big) that wants to say; Oh, but actually I am! I´m getting younger AND smarter every year! When they say that chocolate is no good for you, I want to say “It works miracles for my skin, did you know that?”

So, when somebody says that you can´t do that (whatever it might be) just say oh but actually I can! Then see what they say…

Many people love telling me that our cats indeed WILL disappear one day, they will run away. You know what I feel like saying after that being mentioned 10 times during lunch? Well, you know what, so will your children one day, they will move out and visit twice a year! Ok, I know it´s mean, but who am I to be nice? My cats are actually very important to me. Anyway, did you ever notice that some people have a lot more to say when it´s something bad, a problem or basically let you know that you just can´t do that.

Then I want to say; Oh, but I can, it´s the law. Then they will probably be so shocked they will probably not ask “What law?”

The cool thing about being a grown up, is that I can just make things up, and decide what’s true for me, it’s my world! And yes, I do try to put on a filter with people like that.