Do we have a choice?

Be grateful for what you have they say, be grateful and eat your food. I remember that was a sentence thrown around a lot in the 70’s and 80’s when I grew up;  The children in Africa don´t have anything to eat. I don´t think it´s nice to scare children to be grateful out of guilt. Not grown ups either for that matter.  But that´s just me. I do however think there´s a lot to be grateful for, and I have a feeling that that’s the key. To really take in every breath of the beautiful life we have, without getting all religious and sentimental. What is there to worry about, there´s so much we can´t control anyway.

I get mad when children are spoiled brats, but that´s none of my business. I get upset when I can´t help a friend who is stuck in the past, I get upset when people who have all the possibilities in the world don´t use them. But sometimes I’m one of those who don´t see the choice.

Do we get to choose to be grateful aswell as we get to choose to feel sorry for ourselves?  You tell me. The thing is, to change anything, first we have to believe we have a choice. What do YOU think?

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