Maybe I have gone mad?

Don´t we all have a crazy person inside of us who wants to break out? I feel like screaming into a big pillow. But you know what? A little bit of screaming without the pillow helps too. I´ve always felt like I shouldn´t be angry, or at least not show it. Especially in public, behave, behave, behave. I swallow it, but there´s only so much you can hide inside your body in till it starts hurting. Did you ever think about that?

Anyway, after getting out some of the anger, I actually started loosing weight. Funny, huh? So to tell you the truth, you find a balanced person who gets out the anger I´m sure they are more healthy than many of us who keep lots of shit inside!

That´s why it´s good for me that it´s hot here in Portugal, because when it´s hot, my patience is short and I snap more than usual. Maybe not so good for my love who has to live with me, but good for me who feel lighter and happier and stronger than ever!

Long live crazy people!