Success is waiting?

Do you believe in signs? Signs that tell you if you´re on the right path, signs that tell you what to do next in your life, you know; signs… Well, do you? One of my friends once told me that you see what you want to see. Maybe that´s true.

The other day I walked a different road than I usually take, and all of a sudden this sign flashed in front of me: Success is waiting for you, and what do you do about it? Nothing? It was in portuguese, and I´m not even sure what it was all about, some life-changing thing I´m sure.

But who cares, what a sign, huh? I mean, you can´t ignore a sign like that! I can´t do nothing, can I? Maybe it´s not about we do, it´s about what we allow…

I have this feeling that we get what we can handle. The thing is that if you´ve handled quite a lot for a while, you tend to forget that maybe life could just be like that; successful! When a sign like that flashes in front of you, does it mean you´re meant to see it, or that you´re ready? Does it matter? It got through to me anyway, I feel like taking off… like flying.

I feel like doing a lot of appreciation for my life and for what´s to come! Because I do believe in signs! What is success anyway, is it not all about the way we see it?

How about you? Feeling lucky?