Feed your soul

Even with so many beautiful sandy beaches around me that I still can discover new ones, I sometimes forget how it is to be on “holiday”, take care, breath all the way down in the stomach. Because I live here. I can always go tomorrow. I remember a time where the summer was so long, no school for more than 2 months. It was all good, exploring was the only option. Holliday was obligatory. I didn´t think about school for one second those holidays, even if I had a summer job it felt like holiday, it was usually a no-brain job and the money was spent island-jumping in Greece.

Now when I´m working for myself, I often forget to book in some slowdown time, holiday, a weekend away. It doesn´t actually have to be away, just turn off my head. When do I work, and when do I relax? Well, I went to the beach today, beautiful sandy, sunny and lovely. What did I think about; how to create a new series of paintings for this new exhibition. Then I thought about when to do it, and finally I thought oh my God I better get started!

So you see, living in paradise has it´s perks, but you need a firm hand and a very structured brain. Which I don´t really have. But I did make lots of new smoothies today, instead of painting. I made one with spinach, banana and avocado mixed with soya milk and a touch of honey. Sounds wired, I know, but it was very green and very yummy.

Then I took a shower, facial mask and tried on fancy lotions and creams I never tried before, a little spa was good for the body. It seems more relaxed, hmm, maybe I´m learning something after all?

All my life I´ve dreamed of not working  8-4, but nobody told me that the unstructured life actually have to have structure, time for work and time for play. But I have to admit, if I´m going to learn something new, it doesn´t hurt that it´s here.