I´ll give you a miracle!

My right eye is the most special of my eyes. I´ll tell you why: Last christmas something weird happened. I´m still not sure if I believe it, that´s why I´m not telling this story untill now, months later. I´ve been having doubts that miracles like this is possible. Years ago when I was reading these self-help books, I read one about how to change your eyesight with the way you think, yeah you´re laughing! So was I, but a part of me was hoping. My eyesight is not really that poor, it´s that the eyes are so different, my left eye is only -1, but my right eye is -1,75 and also has astigmatism, which means I get very dizzy and everything in my way seems to meets in the middle of my nose if I don´t wear glasses/contact lenses.

So, before christmas I started having these bad headaches, and finally I went to the optician. I though maybe my eyesight had changed for the worse. This is not possible he kept saying. You must have put the contact lens in the wrong way or upside down, or perhaps inside out. For those of you that wear contact lenses you´d know that that´s very hard, it usually corrects itself. He kept saying that it was probably something I did wrong. Well, he tested my eyes three years ago, and he´s not a type of guy that makes mistakes.

He polished all his most complicated expensive machines and tested every bit of my eye, both eyes, but mostly the right. He was convinced I had done something wrong, or answered wrong on the alphabet tests, that maybe I didn´t see or did see something that I didn´t see. I was there forever. In the end he said that only my right eye had changed and now it had the same strength as the left one, the astigmatism was still there but my eyes were both -1. He didn´t say it was a miracle, he just said it´s “unusual”. But I heard him mumble in portuguese that it´s imposible. Usually both eye change, not just one. I guess it´s the way you see it!

Writing this down, makes it more real. Who cares if it´s a miracle or not, but it does make my faith in the impossible even stronger!