No worries?

I just realized (again) the past few months, that I have a lot to be grateful for. I´ve been extremely tired and ill, but now I see the light in the tunnel. Often we are to scared or worried or mad because things don´t happen exactly the way we want, that we simply forget to have faith. I´m lucky, and maybe you are too?

I wish everybody could be grateful every day, I don´t mean it in the “children in Africa are starving so eat your food” mentality from when I grew up in the 70´s. That´s grateful with guilt. No, just more like, hey I´m really happy because I´m loved, I´m really happy that I´m alive. Sure, I “need” a new sofa, new curtains and hundreds of little things. Or do I?

I´m really happy because I have opportunities that not everyone in the world are fortunate to have. So I think I´ll take them, the opportunities I mean. Right now that is how I feel, and then there are times I´m bloody ungrateful and pissed a the world. You know what I mean? Then something or someone wakes me up and I´m reminded what a blessed life I have. For that I´m grateful. Imagine if I just missed it, if I just missed life?

I haven´t figured out exactly what my opportunities are yet, but I´m not in prison, or starving or stuck somewhere horrible , so I´m sure I´ll figure it out, soon. Right now there´s two kittens sleeping on the old sofa, they don´t look the bit worried that it´s not a nice sofa. I think  my point is that I´d love to have a new sofa, but I still just want to be happy, with or without.