Where´s the sin?

At easter in Portugal, the priest is drunk before he´s reached the end of the street. He visits every home in the village, and this year I heard that in one of the villages they needed a stand-in priest because the first one couldn´t handle all the liquids. It´s an honour to receive the priest, it´s a shame to have nothing to serve him. I have no idea why priests in Norway don´t drink, at least not in front of the congregation. But I do wonder if norwegian are a bit stuck up, making everything that´s fun hard to get or illegal?

I don´t think alcohol is so bad, but I think like always there´s a balance. In Norway wine, beer and chocolate is just a few of the things that the government put lots of taxes on. we have to buy wine in a special shop during daytime, the famous Winemonopoly. Did we make a huge sin, do we need to confess something?

But the thing is we´re not catholic in Norway. Maybe we should be though, we must have done something really really bad, since there still are places where you can´t buy beer in the shop, you have to drive hours to the closest big town. Like that stops anyone from drinking (the problem is that they just drink something much much stronger, homemade and also illegal).

My point being, that yeah maybe it´s stupid to sell alcohol in gas stations in Portugal, or for the priest to get drunk every easter, but it´s equally stupid to not sell wine in normal shops in Norway. Why can´t we be allowed to choose? If the priests in Norway came home to us for easter maybe we could talk about it?