A spoon of happiness?

New research says we get even more stressed by all the things we can´t eat and shouldn´t eat, than actually eating them (except if you have allergies). Milk is good, milk is NOT good, cheese is good for you, cheese is NOT good for you, and so on. Wine is good for the heart, oh my Gooood, stay away from wine, it´s bad for you. Olive oil is good for the health, oh my, don´t eat olive oil, you could die or get bad skin. Why do we care? Because maybe the thought of living 5 more years if we drink half a glass of wine a day makes us curious. The only thing is next week research might say that we could live 5 years less. So who do we listen to?

All these new things that research tells us apparently stresses us more and more. I believe there´s a golden way, just listen to your body, take a few minutes and listen…  In our days we know more or less what is good for us, if we admit it. The thing that´s more serious than todays “what not to eat”  (unless you have allergies, which is a different story) is STRESS. How can we avoid stress? Maybe just stop trying so hard. Ok, so you eat an ice cream and you have a chocolate, big deal! Just eat an apple as well.

I think that stress and thinking too much about all these things we are supposed to do or not do about food just makes it worse. My body handles stress very badly, I get tense, I don´t sleep well, I´m not rested in the morning. Is it the food or is it stress?

What happened to “just do your best”, just eat what you feel like” or just live your life? I think we want utopia, but if we get there we´ll probably want ice cream instead of brusselsprouts anyway. At least I know I will… or just a  spoon full of stress-free happiness…

How about you?

Have a coffee, is it good for you? No idea, but it keeps me awake!