Mission impossible?

I love it when people say smart things like: “Be realistic; always wish what is impossible (Paulo Coelho). It makes my heart jump and it reminds me that there is hope. Even if I didn´t do everything I planned, or if I´m not where I always wish I´d be, there´s hope. I just have to get out of the circle of complaining and ignore people who says things like; “oh, it´s so hard, because no one has a job” and blames the crisis… or “sometimes you have to do things you don´t want to do…” or  things that basically put you down instead of up, like watching the news. Sure we have to be updated, but there´s a limit to how much I can take.

I´m very sensitive, I can be like a sponge… there are times where I think I have to live in a glass bubble not to be affected with the energies around me. But hey, that´s no fun? So I´m trying to learn how to live without being so affected by others around me who are not always positive. It´s hard to keep the “noise” out. But possible.

It helps that a little cute kitten joined our family a few days ago, she is so cute that I forget everything else. It´s easy to forget the world around watching a tiny little cat play and discover everything for the first time. So I´m going to be realistic from now on! Which means doing more of the impossible, what about you? Are you up for a challenge?