Put me in a box?

I think not.

Being a person that fits in a box has never appealed to me, quite the opposite. When all my classmates at 14 were drinking Coca cola, I refused. Simply because I´m stubborn. Now I´m glad, at least I´m not addicted. But there are other things that I might be more proud of, like when I listened to my inner voice telling me to go to Portugal. Didn´t make sense, couldn´t put it in a box, so I did it.

There are other things I remember when I see the picture below. I see the opinionated girl with life in front of her. I made sure that my school teacher in the 5 grade knew that it wasn´t ok to treat me different from the boys, that I´m proud of. In the 7th grade I made a teacher so mad he stepped on my sandwich and squeezed it against the floor, that I just think is funny and a bit weird. I was right by the way, and he was wrong, but I can be extremely annoying, so I´d probably step on my lunch if I was him. Not his finest moment though!

I made the choice not to follow my classmates after 9th grade, and took a year off to work instead. That was because I followed my intuition, thankfully! That doesn´t mean it´s always been easy to stand up to others who always has an opinion about why I shouldn´t do what I do. Sometimes the struggle of being different is hard, and sometimes a little bit fun too.

What I wish for now, is that I will learn how to accept myself  just the way I am, especially with all the things that I still struggle with that nobody can see.

Also, I wish I´d find the strength to do that face again… to someone really really stupid!