Why behave?

Why shouldn´t we scream when we are mad, cry when we are sad? Maybe that would be more healthy than keeping it inside? I swear, sometimes when I see a kid lying on the floor in the supermarket screaming and crying I wish I could do that, sometimes… But I don´t, I behave.

Of course there are some occasions where we have to behave and not scream and shout every time we feel like it, that´s what we learn when we grow up. Outdoor-voice and inside-voice, that´s what I learned in kinder garden. But I´ve never been very good at hiding my emotions. I did however learn over the years to swallow my feelings and behave, put it inside. Now I feel like I´m peeling layers of onion to get to the bottom of what makes me so tired.

I know for a fact most men would pay a lot of money to make us women stop crying when we do. And we do, we cry when we are sad, we cry for nothing, we cry. I´m a firm believer in showing feelings, not hiding feelings. There´s a very simple reason; putting feelings down in my through makes me sick, literally it does. So now and then I slam a door or scream into a pillow, and wish I could just lie down in the middle of the street screaming and shouting, like a kid. Would it help? I don´t know, but it would be quite a sight!