A breath of fresh air!

I´ve always heard that fresh air is good for everything; for boredom, depression, for health and so on. Norwegian people live in nature you might think. Well, for most of the year we live indoors, so when the weather is good we tend to go out and get a breath of fresh air. All the windows in the house are open to change the air that was there with a new one, a fresh one.

Then I move to Portugal, springtime I open all the windows any opportunity I get, to feel the fresh breeze in my face, and let the sun shine in every corner to refresh. If there is a portuguese a mile within these walls, he or she will close the windows and close the blinds or curtains. The sun is to hot, and when you open all the windows there´s too much draft, and from that you could surely get very sick or even die.

The typical portuguese house has all the shutters closed, and usually eat indoors. Even on a lovely summer or spring day. If you have this much sun, there should be a law against shutting it out. People in the countries further north run out in the streets at the sight of sun. Where´s the balance? One of the local portuguese restaurants refurbished and decided to close in the terrace, so if you want to eat there you have to eat inside, you could try to open the window, but if there´s a portuguese family next to you they will close it. Too much draft. Let´s just say the restaurant lost their clients from abroad. Thankfully there are other restaurants here with beautiful views!

I sit outside as much as I can, loving every minute of it.