I am in complete balance

I want to be in complete balance. I have a theory, maybe it´s better to not try so hard, just let life happen? Especially when you kind of have a plan.

Maybe the universe has something really big in store for each one of us, and we are so buzzy nagging about it that the universe is thinking let us wait with the big present untill she stops nagging…Who knows?

I love reading about people who fulfilled their dream somewhere in a village in France, where they according to the article are superhappy and content, the photos is showing the perfect idyllic house that took years to renovate and now looks like a magazine-cover. But I tend to forget that the path to this magazine-cover story almost always took time and tears, and that screaming unbalanced woman doesn´t look nice next to the perfect house with fresh bread on the table.

The magazine is selling a dream, not the before-story, that is usually covered with one sentence like “…and 2 years later after many tears and struggles we are here…”

I am in complete balance, just give me the magazine-cover story about myself, NOW… (and no, I´m not nagging…)