The mind of a woman.

Do we push to hard to have it all NOW? I know I get frustrated if nothing happens. When I want something it better happen now, or preferable yesterday… I don´t like listening to my own advice, which often happens if I talk to my friends: they give it back to me! Relax, just give it some time, give space for your dreams and bladibladibla…

All I want to do is to not think, actually my head is not working, it seems empty. Again I hear my own advice choking in my throat; Didn´t you want to empty your head and get ready for a new project? Bladibladibla! Yes, I love giving advice, because it seems so much easier being on the other side of a problem or a challenge. Yet again, I hear my own voice in my head saying; didn´t you want a quiet period just to read and reflect? Yeah yeah..

So to sum it up; when it´s more I want less, and when it less I want more. Not easy, but who ever said the mind of a woman is?