The white sheep

Ever felt like the black sheep of the family? Or maybe you feel the opposite? The first drawing I made with The black sheep is perhaps more obvious, but this time I thought I´d play with the opposite… What if getting up early and getting good grades wasn´t the normal and good thing to do. What if sleeping in and going to the school of life was looked up to? Travelling around, meditating and just taking one day at the time.  Just playing with the word the black sheep, many thoughts come up, maybe different for all of us depending if we´re good or bad;-)

Then there´s all the things that comes to mind with a flock of sheep, that we humans sometimes are like a flock of sheep. See what you see, think what you think, I just thought it was funny to turn things around to see how the perception of the one black sheep would look the opposite way, which one are you? Maybe I made you laugh, maybe I turned your world upside down for a minute, anyway…….


Fine Art print: 21×30cm: 39 €. / Printed on Canvas: 24×30cm: 49 €.