Do we need a reason to celebrate? Not really. Right now I feel like celebrating silence. Celebrating that my brain for once have had a break. Just letting go of demands that seems heavy on my shoulders, trusting that it´s better to let go than clinging to the ways of thinking that´s not working anymore.

It´s been raining, sometimes it´s so nice to just listen to the rain, sitting in the sofa with a blanket. Maybe the weather helps me relax, nothing much I can do about the rain. Just wait till the sun shines again. I want to celebrate! Celebrate my soul, because it´s keeping me alive, celebrate my heart because it´s telling me where to go. Celebrate life, not because it´s always great, but because I have choices.

Being quiet is a good thing, today anyway. Celebrations can be big filled with laughter and friends, or they can be quiet victories that only you feel are important, and if you say them out loud they lose their power.

So, I celebrate the quiet things…