Interior perfection

Sometimes when I look in interior magazines, I wonder where does it all come from. The wanting of perfection? I grew up in the 70´s. If my parents would have kept even one table from that time, I´d be in 7th heaven! But the 80´s came, and out with the quality and in with the glass and metal. I didn´t like the 80´s much, maybe because I´ve seen the pictures. It´s not pretty.

I love the idea of using old furniture and refurbishing them. Around here there are portuguese homes filled with treasures for the right “style”, but the old women who own them just keep them because they can´t afford new furniture, and they don´t think of them as treasures at all. Funny isn´t it? If I could just get my hands of some of those old furniture, I´d give them a really nice home.

If I could just change the curtains and if I had that really nice new sofa I´m sure I would be much better at waiting for the rest of my life to be put together, with a nice glass of wine. Oh, I saw some really cool glasses the other day, I bet that would make the waiting go even better.

Why are we in such a hurry, and why do we need the perfect surroundings (interior)?  When you grow up in Norway, and spend as much time inside the house as we do, interior is important. No arguments there. However, after moving to Portugal, I realized that maybe I don´t need perfection right away, maybe I can survive without new curtains and a new sofa for a little while without suffering. Just maybe.

Just a thought… I feel like sometimes we can´t relax without perfection…