Recharge, yes please!

I wonder why it´s so hard to let go. Let go of the past. Maybe not for everyone, maybe you are one of those who live in the moment and always have full control? Not me, all though I like to be in control, preferable most of the time. Ok, all the time, and being a perfectionist means I´m pretty good at letting it seem like I´m just that…

I always get surprised when I get stuck and realize that it might be something from the past. Maybe I´m mad at myself because I exhausted myself to sickness when I was doing my degree. Well, I did and I am. But isn´t it time to let that go? I don´t feel like punishing myself anymore. So I think I might actually forgive myself.

We are in our times constantly aiming for the future, to get a better job, get nicer furniture, more holiday and so on. For what? Is it worth it if we don´t have time to enjoy the moment? I´m really good at talking, but sometimes I forget to act. So I´m acting now.

I feel like I´m at a crossroads, where the past has got to stay in the past, and I have to stay in the moment, and really listen to what my body is telling me (again). Maybe then and only then will I find out where to go next. Why don´t we come with rechargeable batteries like electronics?

I want to have success as a designer and as a writer, but right now I feel empty and tired. I need a refill. Recharge my batteries. Glad I made some good choices and one of those choices means that the beach is one my doorstep…