I wish, I wish, I wish…

I wish for many things. The funny thing is that we sometimes forget to wish for extraordinary things. We might just wish the day would be over, or maybe we wish that tomorrow would be better? Maybe it´s hard to believe that the wishes could come true. Most of us have had really wonderful things happen to us, even if we didn´t see it at the time. Do do we treasure them, do we dare to wish for more?

I remember when my friend said to me that after a snowy winter of car-trouble it didn´t even occur to her to just wish for a new car. She had a car, even if it stopped all the time. Not much fun to push a car up the snowy hills after a long day.

I´m not saying we need more “stuff”, don´t get me wrong. I just think sometimes we just forget to wish, sometimes that could be a little help from a friend or a new car. We used to live in a really tiny place, then we moved to a big appartement. My friend told me that perhaps it would be nice to have more space to dream, to wish… for more! For me that is a house with a garden, orange and lemon trees and my very own gallery and maybe an Art café!

I love living where we live now, it´s space to breathe. I enjoy the huge balcony and my own office/studio. I also loved living where we lived before, even if it was tiny. How do we enlarge our dreams if we don´t wish for more?

I think it´s nice to have something to look forward to, for that one day when the fairy godmother comes with her magic wand and says;  so Anne, what do YOU wish for?

"I wish, I wish, I wish I had 8 legs"