Shopping in paradise!

Yesterday was the opening of  a new shopping centre in Algarve, Portimão. It´s so welcome. It´s not easy to picture that we girls in paradise would be missing anything..I know! But yes, there is something missing, after the beaches, the sun, the drinks, the amazing wine, the ocean, ok you get the picture!

What´s missing is shops for those of us that are not teenagers. Where a pair of jeans would actually fit, and you find things you know probably will not get stuck when you try them on. Yes, I´m taking about H&M. That is how desperate we are here in Algarve. We don´t live in the metropol Lisbon, we live in the holiday part of Portugal, also referred to as “not really portuguese part of Portugal”, even though it´s only whispers, no one would actually say that out loud. We live in Algarve, where the sun never sets, and the drinks are bigger and better the more you drink.

I shop online, Strawberrynet, Amazon, M&S, Figleaves and other really nice shops where I don´t have to try clothes on. They let me try on in my own house. Love it! But sometimes it´s nice to touch the clothes, and just have a day of retail therapy. So even if there are a lot of better shops in London, Milano and New York, I´m so desperate I´m over the moon that I can drive only 1/2 hour to get shops like H&M, in the new paradise shopping centre. Did I mention we have to drive either to Lisbon or Sevilla in Spain to find Ikea?

Paradise yes, shopping heaven, mmm not so much! For the tourists it´s perfect, because they get charmed by our open air shopping centres, filled with sun and shops. But for us who live here, finding basic clothes is hard if you´re not 12.

So yiiha, paradise has a new shopping-heaven! ( I used to live in London, maybe I´m spoiled ).