Sometimes it´s right in front of you.

My body hasn´t been very happy lately, even if I stress and don´t know how to relax. How strange is that? (Please notice the irony). I had a very painful treatment with pressure-point massage yesterday, wich was so far away from anything like a “spa” treatment I can ever imagine. But it makes me better, it releases the tension headaches that was there for days. I was told to be as much in water and swim as possible, to avoid the tension coming back, and of course empty my head. (Well, some things are possible, some things are very very unlikely).

Here comes the  light bulb moment; So I live 5 minutes from the ocean, I love swimming… so why don´t I do that? Yes, why don´t we do a lot of things? It´s sometimes easier eating a chocolate than going for a walk, or worry about tomorrow´s problems than doing what we can today.

The world is going to change whatever we do, for good or bad, but at least we can do the best we can for ourselves. Be kind to others, be kind to ourselves. I was so exited about my new revelation, that even if I hate cold water I was determined to feel better and heal myself by swimming as much as possible! No more pain caused by stress! It´s a small price to pay for health, cold water I mean… Ok, it´s not that cold, but I´m really a comfort-person. ( Meaning; sun-bathing on a sunbed on the beach is more my thing ).

So with high spirits and a towel down to the beach we go. The waves are so high that there´s no way I could swim without risking my life. Wich was not part of the plan. However, my darling portuguese tells me there is such a thing as high and low tide, so we better go when the sea is not changing from high to low. Ok, so home it is, and in the afternoon I´m off again to chase my new passion, if the waves allow it.

If not there´s always time for a little horizontal worshiping of the sun!

(Before you know it I´ll start surfing too!)