Turn on brain, it´s the season to stop complaining!

Algarve is a story on it´s own. When you live here, it´s so fascinating to see the way of living, which for most people is tourists. They are the income, they are who they work for. When I say the word tourist, I think many things, but the few first things that comes to mind is beer, sunscreen, ice cream and wine. Let´s say you complain all winter because there are no tourists. Then the sun heats up till 26 degrees, like a shiny beautiful thing on the sky in april and the tourists multiply like ants. They are all over, half-naked and happy. Wouldn´t you put the sunscreen at the counter in the supermarket? Like, right in front of them? I would, but then I´d have to use my brain for almost 1 second to come up with that brilliant idea!

And I would also try to imagine what the tourists want to buy, and arrange the supermarket to sell those things. Then I would order more of those things that sell, and also imagine that everybody that lives here all year also wants to keep shopping in the supermarket. Who needs things like milk, bread and toiletpaper?  By that time I´m exhausted, it´s so much to think about.

No, what they do, is wait to put sunbeds untill….I don´t know what they´re waiting for, that it´s officially summer? Makes sense to me, I love having beaches without sunbeds, it´s more space for me! Might make sense, but no money. So I´m back to my first point, stop complaining when the tourists finally come, and turn on the thing called the brain!

I love living here,  I never stop getting fascinated by people. I was going next door to buy ice cream, but they did´t have any yet… I rest my case!