One day…

One day I will write a book. That´s what I´ve always told myself, that one day… I will do it! I also said one day I will learn italian, and be really good at dancing salsa. Well, I´m so happy that I have a friend that kicked my ass. She pulled together my art and made a wonderful collection of my Magical Dreamy Animal drawings, just like that!

I don´t speak italian yet, neither am I an expert salsa-dancer, but I have a BOOK. I know it´s not a novel or a book with a lot of words. But it is a book. It means that I can say that this is my first book. Maybe the second one will be just around the corner? It´s a big mountain to climb to meet my own expectations, and I don´t really like climbing mountains. I just like the view when I´m at the top. I would love to say that I could have done it myself, what Christina did for me. Sadly I have to admit that it would have taken me forever to do what she did in a blink of an eye (ok, that´s how it felt like).

So now the next book will be easier, maybe even sooner than I think, because Blurp give you the opportunity to test out your dreams in such an easy way! A book makes it real. It´s not just a thing I say, that one day I will bla bla bla…

Then one day, who knows what can happen?

It´s risky to follow dreams, they might just start coming true…….(especially when you have friends to guide you)