The black sheep?

Did you ever feel different from everybody else? Like you didn´t fit in? I did, lots of times. I didn´t fit in at school, I was always daydreaming, I didn´t even  feel like I belonged in my own body at times. I felt uncomfortable and strange. This was when I was a teenager. I´ve changed since then. But every first day at a new job, I always felt so weird until I was accepted by the “rest”. It´s very strange, but as an outsider you see how a group of people look at you almost like they are a pack of wild animals, deciding if they will accept you or not.

There was a time in my life I worked in a temp-agency in Norway. New job every week or month. Some people didn´t even bother getting to know me, because they knew I would only be working there for a short while. Sometimes it´s hard to invite the new one into the group, if you´ve worked there for ages, you might like things the way they are.

Now I work at home, it´s more risky, but it´s a hell of a lot more fun! I design, I paint, I sell my art. I love being able to create my future, mold my dreams. Since I´m recovering from being burnt out or whatever they call it these days, I like having the choice every day.  Things will change, I´ll get better, and my dreams will get bigger. Then I probably will need an office.

But trust me, anyone working in that office/factory/art studio/gallery will not be too bored to get to know the new one. I give you my word!

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